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ELP 2° Podcast

ELP 2° Podcast: Episode No.4 – Into The West. July 2019

How does a man from south county Dublin connect gardening, climate change and set dancing on Clare Island? This week’s podcast is with Eamon Ryan TD.

ELP 2° Podcast: Episode No.3 – Change Happens. July 2019

In this episode we chat with Boru Douthwaite about managing Change, Technology & Innovation in a time of Climate Crisis.

ELP 2° Podcast: Episode No.2 – A Slice of Pi, June 2019

In our second episode (June 21st 2019), Dave Whelan chats with the wildlife documentary filmmaker, Colin Stafford Johnson. We walk with tigers and talk about food and climate change. Super interesting discussion from someone who has travelled the world and brings us his observations on a changing planet.

ELP 2° Podcast: Episode No.1 – Breaking Bread

Our first ELP 2° podcast  – May 15th 2019. Making the connection between Climate Change, Food and Health. We visited Cornrue Bakery in Westport today for Climate Conversation #4/ Podcast #1. Here’s a snippet… proprietor Patrick O’Reilly and ELP’s Dave Whelan grapple with Climate Change and how it connects to everything, including the bread we eat.

Our ELP 2° Podcasts focus on Climate Change and how it relates to the global, as well as local, Food System. We’ll be interviewing people working on climate and food related issues, as well as researchers, climate activists, environmentalists, and more…

We’ve called it ELP 2° because a two degree centigrade rise in global temperature from pre-industrial levels will result in a completely transformed planet from the one we live on today. Our second reason for the name is that we believe that we can all make a difference and two degrees of separation is all that separates every one of us from making a connection, reaching out, telling a story, influencing, and helping to turn the world away from a more catastrophic future.

We can do it.

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Did you know that 8 of the top 20 solutions to Climate Change are directly related to the way we produce and consume Food?

Stay tuned for more of this conversation on our new 2°podcast where we really get to grips with this important topic.