Edible Landscape Project


Bia-The Change YOU Would Like to See In the World…

The Edible Landscape Project (ELP) engages and informs communities about the vital connection between
Climate Change and Food Production through education, public engagement and the delivery of targeted
projects. We can all have a positive impact on climate change by making small changes to how we
source & produce our food.

ELP’s Bia – Smart Workshops range in length from 2 hours to 5 days depending on the requirements of the group,

Workshops equip participants with the following Food Solutions :

1. Bia-Awareness
Becoming informed about and aware of the daily decisions we make about where our food
comes and aim to always:
• Support local producers
• Buy chemical-free, organic produce
• Buy seasonal produce

2. Bia-Diversity:
Changing how we manage our gardens and homes so that we:
• Grow much more food including trees, shrubs and vegetables
• Plant native & organic certified seeds, plants shrubs, and trees
• Plant open pollinated flowers to encourage bees and butterflies
• Value heathy soil by making compost at home
• Stop chemical spraying

3. Bia-Security:
Working together and lobbying our local government to manage our neighbourhoods and public
spaces in a climate-smart way so that they:
• Use sustainable growing techniques such as forest gardening, alley cropping, and silvo-pasture
• Plant community orchards
• Stop chemical spraying
• Value healthy soil by developing more municipal compost facilities
• Manage, value and protect clean water supplies