May 17th 2018:  Wonderful photos from Edible Landscape Project’s recent Food Security workshop with Foroige students as they plant out a forest garden on the grounds of The Museum of Country Life in Turlough House, Castlebar. Great to get younger groups engaged and thinking about the link between local food security and climate change… 








May 17th 2016 – Edible Garden Westport: Holy Trinity N.S. kids helping us plant edibles today at Westport Sports Complex on Horkans Hill as part of the Incredible Edible Schools campaign.
Thanks Beth and Angela for all your help and thanks of course to all our planters who’ve promised to keep an eye  on their plants over the summer!

April 23rd 2016: Sowing Seeds. Fantastic Edible Landscape Childrens’ Workshop in the Farmhouse at Dublin Zoo today. Lots of little people got to take home little apple trees to plant in their back gardens! Thank you Agri-Aware for inviting us to participate….

Zoo 1









Edible Garden NEWPORT June 2015: Next time you’re in Newport take a potter in the new Edible garden at the GAP. It’s gorgeous!

Designed by the Edible Landscape Project, put together by TUS and RSS, planting sourced by Michael Chambers, and planted up today with the help of the wonderful pupils of Newport NS. Planting includes 3 x heritage apple trees, red and white currants as an understorey and strawberries and mixed herbs as groundcover.

Newport NS1

2014  – Attendees: Men’s Shed and a mixed group of local community members at The Elms, Westport. What a fantastic day for an ELP tree planting workshop. Thanks to Westport Men’s Shed for help with the carpentry and everyone else who helped out on this scorcher of a day! We planted the following varieties of trees;

  • Apple Irish Peach
  • Apple Scarlet Crofton (Mayo Apple)
  • Nut Cosfords Cobb
  • Nut Webbs Prize
  • Purple Hazel
  • Plum Opal
  • Damson Merryweather
  • Damson Farleigh

Planting June 2014










September 2013 the Edible Landscape Project carried out a Heritage apple tree planting workshop with local volunteers and the help of Leader, TUS and RSS. Trees were planted in 2 locations along the railway line; at Harbour View and at the side of McConville Park. Until the identification process has been completed and for the purposes of this workshop, we planted heritage potted varieties which suit the soil type and the inclement west of Ireland weather;

  1. Brown Crofton , Good Flavour Dessert Apple, Disease Resistant, Sligo
  2. Ballyvaughan Seedling, Sweet and Crisp, From Co Clare
  3. Scarlet Crofton , Dark Red Flush, Sweet and Spicey, Sligo circa 1500
  4. Crab Apples – native Irish apple tree











APRIL 2013 Apple and Damson Tree Planting Workshop . Andy Wilson, Cormac Langans (wcfe), TUS and RSS lads and lassies, at Westport Skatepark. Apple trees were planted against the Leenane Bridge wall and next year these will be trained against the old stone bridge. We also planted damsons – for a change. It’ll be interesting to taste them in a few years time..











The Edible Landscape Project sowed the apple seeds collected in September 2013, as part of a workshop with 6th class from St. Colmcille NS, the Quay, Westport. Apple seeds from the 3 gardens were used, labelled and potted on accordingly. These pots will be stored in the school and monitored and grown on to plant out in a few years.   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwrnfogwut0)