March 2017: A little bit of ELP LOVE goes a long way!    Taming the Willow Tunnel at Westport Skatepark which has got a bit out of hand…


March 2015: A wonderful morning learning how to weave willow shapes with Willie McDonough at Westport Skate Park. Despite the freezing cold a number of people came out to help us strengthen the willow tunnel which we’d created in 2013 and which has received quite a battering from the wind over the last 2 years.
Thank you everyone who joined us. Thanks to the ETB for the funding…
Willow ws1 2015 Willow ws2 2015

April 2013: At Westport Town Greenway, Skatepark area.Construction of a willow tunnel. This forms a living play area for younger children and next year the structure will be extended to create a willow dome or tunnel adjacent to the old train tunnel.

Willow is very beneficial to wildlife. While catkins provide a rich source of nectar for bees in spring, willow leaves can be eaten by many kinds of caterpillar. They also support large numbers of aphids and sawflies which are important foods for birds.