2018: December. A freezing cold day as Caithriona takes the group pruning apple trees along Westport’s Railway Walk.

2018: January 29th   It was chilly enough as we pruned Apple trees between the Elms and the Railway Walk. There’s a big variation in the state of the trees. One tree has been badly hit by canker  – probably from over-zealous strimming. Another is thriving as it seems to get full sun. Great hands-on experience for students as they decide on which branches to prune and which to leave.

March 2017: WE returned to prune apple trees we planted near the Quay in 2014 and haven’t been near since! Much love and attention required – pruning to an outward facing bud,  clearing away diseased and inward facing branches. Great job! Big thanks to all our helpers.IMG_0209

February 2016: Decisions, decisions – which branches to prune!?
Thank you everyone who came to our Edible Landscape Project APPLE TREE Pruning Workshop earlier today on Westport Town Greenway. We had a ball. And we did a bit of pruning on the apple trees in the Skatepark near McConville Park which we planted out at another ELP workshop in 2013. We also took the time to check the baby apple trees in our ELP orchard at the Quay Community Centre for any sign of pests or diseases. They’re looking hale and hearty and well protected from the wild winds we’ve been experiencing in the west lately!…


January 2016: Great group of students from Westport College of Further Education’s Horticulture 6 Class pruning the 3-year old apple trees in Westport skatepark near the Leenance Bridge wall. We also restaked the tree on the right of the picture to protect it into the future…IMG_1395

October 2014 & October 2013: Fruit Tree Pruning Workshops
The Heritage Towns Initiative Project is a project the ELP is engaged in to conserve the lineage of fruit and nut trees grown in Westport town over many years.

As well as sourcing and planting heritage trees we also run workshops teaching people how to maintain their fruit trees without using chemicals. An important part of this process is learning to prune trees correctly. In both 2014 and 2013 the ELP organised practical tree pruning workshops along Westport Town Greenway and engaged Andy Wilson – www.fruitandnut.ie – as facilitor. With a group of local people we then pruned all the fruit trees previously planted by the ELP along Westport Town Greenway. While we were at it we also pruned fruit trees planted by the Westport Sustainability Group in 2010!

Fruit Tree 2 Pruning 2014