Edible Landscape Project


Food Solutions to Reverse Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest problem humanity has ever faced. It affects everybody. It is man-made. As are the solutions.

At the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement, the most recent global attempt to come up with climate change solutions, 195 countries agreed to keep world temperatures below 2 degrees of pre-industrial averages. Unfortunately this Agreement has no legal status. As a result there has been large scale political failure to address climate change.

The Edible Landscape Project (ELP), a grassroots movement based in Westport, Co. Mayo, has developed a bottom-up approach to climate change and specifically how it relates to FOOD. ELP's mission is to empower people, through public engagement and the delivery of targeted workshops, to make food choices which actually help reverse the effects of climate change.

We are educators, designers, horticulturalists, international development experts, sustainability advocates and volunteers. We provide practical educational Food Solutions Workshops for individuals and groups interested in taking action on climate change. You can also engage with us by watching our Story of Food Videos, by listening to our Podcasts or by following us on social media. We are a movement, empowering people to make informed food choices, taking care of nature and protecting the planet.

We are the Edible Landscape Project.