Edible Landscape Project

Climate Change is the greatest problem planet has ever faced. It affects everybody and everything. It is man-made. As are the solutions. One of those solutions relates to our food choices.

The Edible Landscape Project (ELP), a grassroots movement based in Westport, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland, has developed a bottom-up approach to climate change and specifically how it relates to FOOD.

ELP's mission is to empower people, through public engagement and the delivery of targeted workshops, to make food choices which actually help reverse the effects of climate change.

We advocate for policy change, build community consensus, and embed practical land-based food solutions into our local environment.

We are educators, designers, horticulturalists, international development experts, sustainability advocates and volunteers. We provide practical educational Food Solutions Workshops for individuals and groups interested in taking action on climate change. You can also engage with us by watching our Story of Food Videos, by listening to our 2° Podcasts, or by following us on our social media pages.

Check out our Tree Towns Initiative© where we are planting community orchards of fruit and nut trees nationwide, starting in 2020. One tree can draw down over one tonne of carbon over the life time of the tree. How phenomenal is that?

If you are a community organisation and are interested in being part of this great movement to secure our future, visit our contact page, fill out the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Edible Landscape Project is a movement, empowering individuals and communities to take care of nature, build food security, educating and informing, protecting the planet, and build more resilience.

We are the Edible Landscape Project.


ELP 2° Podcast

ELP 2° Podcast: Episode No.4 - Into The West. July 2019

How does a man from south county Dublin connect gardening, climate change and set dancing on Clare Island? This week's podcast is with Eamon Ryan TD.

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